GLORIOUS MELANCHOLY       2014 Meg Devlin Irish

A glorious melancholy has settled in
with its air of familiarity.
The bliss of summer is gone
with its carefree felicity.
The harvest beckons to tantalize,
its brilliance tears my eyes.
Yet, I fall not woeful, dejected, abashed
through orchards of tempting ripeness,
clinging, trampled, mashed.
For I am ripened by a greater Spirit
that in essence knows,
this too must pass!


                                  THE LAST EVE OF SUMMER  2014 Meg Devlin Irish

There is nothing here that belongs to me,
so I must give way to reason
as day gives way to dusk and season to season!
But, if this last eve of summer should linger on,
while crickets chirp their chant along,
I'll skip this evening's sup, and sit on these porch boards 'til numb,
in dignity attesting and with pomp acquiescing to Autumn's rising sun!



          So Human  2014 Meg Devlin Irish

Hummingbirds fly through my heart
at so fast a pace
as I can't follow!
And so it goes,
as time, seasons,
none to be captured!
So human to yearn
to stall the rush!



LONG JOURNEY HOME    2014 Meg Devlin Irish

Awash in a sea of stories
through waves of shifting tides,
peeling away the veneer,
following the deep impulse of conviction
into the reality of purpose,
casting out all doubt
that stows it's way in
on this Long Journey Home!



                        THE MASTER    2014 Meg Devlin Irish

You weave through me 
I am your tapestry
You are my breath
I am your freedom
You are the dreamer
I am your sway
You smooth out my edges
I am your rhythmic splendor
You are the Master
I am complete!                            

Au Naturel



             Au naturel      2014 Meg Devlin Irish
She's readying for Spring,
tilted on her axis,
giddying with tease,
as her white dress slowly slips away...



SWEET, SWEET SEASON 2014 Meg Devlin Irish

Sweet, sweet season
come sugar me up
from winter's leavings of ragged ruts!
For I've become a rusty fixture
while channels flow' round me,
burrowed deep in suspension's tide,
in need of a rallying cry!


Published in The Poet's Touchtone Spring 2014 Issue, by the Poetry Society Of New Hampshire

Transponders Of Joy 2014 Meg Devlin Irish

I awaken to the stillness and rise in a whispering stream of dawn light.
The pine floor snaps into submission under my creaking toes....
as my bed warm fingers draw aside curtain lace.

I peer transfixed through snowflaked glass at my world
held in capricious season....



IN HONOR, AN HONOR      ©2013  Meg Devlin Irish
Silence is golden; on peaceful shores crippling,
when fears arise on seas untamed,
opening wounds of lost heroes
glory regrets to name!
In honor, is there refuge
but a hand reached at death’s stop,
crushing what anger has wrought?
An honor to salute that hand
for those who served and time forgot!


                                     SURRENDER    ©   2013 Meg Devlin Irish
 The shifting of the sun,
the rising of the moon,
transpire and unbraid
as cascading mountain peaks,
insurmountably free,
surrender to the depths of the sea!
So, I hasten not the sun
or the timely gift of moon,
for all that is I can't see.
But, like forested leaves from autumn trees,
I know the surrender to be!