Look for Megs songs available through most major download sites. Newest releases will take
a week or two...Some songs also available for Amazon Echo at no additional cost!

October 2017
Two new original songs from Meg have been released.
'A Little More Time' and 'Dance With Me Tonight'
Producer/ Musician Jim Prendergast and Nashvilles' Glen Duncan on Fiddle and banjo!

September 2017 Recording Sessions with Jim Prendergast scheduled. More news to come....

June, 2017,
Recording Sessions with Jim Prendergast in his Mill Pond Music Studio,
Portsmouth, NH!
Two new original songs to be added to Album #6 project!

May, 2017
'You're Like A Song'
is listed at #6 on the country music charts in Europe.
is listed in the Top 100 on the charts.

January 2017,
Thank You Jacques Dufour, aka 'Rockin'Boy' FM 90.2 Lyon, France
for adding me to your playlist! Enjoyed the show!

August 2016 Meg is listed in the top 200 on the European Country Music Chart!

October 2016 release.

Release of three new original songs from Meg with Producer Jim Prendergast,
along with fiddle and banjo
from celebrated musician Glen Duncan, Nashville.

July, 2015, Mill Pond Music Studio, Portsmouth, NH

With veteran Nashville producer and musician Jim Prendergast,
and the legendary Glen Duncan on fiddle!

June, 2015

Meg is back @ the Mill Pond Music Studio with Jim Prendergast and Robbie Kneeland
recording her new song, ' WHEN YOU WALKED AWAY'.

February, 2015

Meg is listed at # 86 on the European Country Music Charts!


Meg's Fifth album "Right On Time", released and receiving accolades.

November, 2014.
Meg's song, 'DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE', Is recorded and released by Enerj'Ane, on Robins Records
'ROCK SOLID ROMANCIN', Written by Meg and Colin McCaffrey,
also recorded and released by Enerj'Ane on Robins Records.

April, 2014
Meg's poem, Transponders Of Joy, has been published in The Poets' Touchtone, 
Poetry Society Of New Hampshire, Spring 2014 Issue.

May, 2014
Just wanted to let you know I played 'Don't Know When' on this week's Country Legends In The Making show. 
It went over HUGE for you!  I think you touched a chord out there deep inside folks--
we're getting non-stop requests for it lol!!"

Dixie McCorkell CMA/CCMA/ECMA
Triplestrand Productions

September, 2014
Meg's 5th Album of originals,' RIGHT ON TIME', is released to critical acclaim. 
Recorded in Vermont and New Hampshire with producers Colin McCaffrey and
Jim Prendergast has been an exciting experience. Receiving international Air Play!
September, 2014
 "Thank you for 'Right On Time'.. a wonderful addition to your catalog 
of original music. Production is terrific and you never
sounded better. Nice CD jacket as well easy on the eyes,,,
nice presentation...Let me know when you are in the area and we can
schedule an interview for some Saturday morning..."
 More news to come........