November, 2021
Prepping for studio time with Jim! "In Jesus, We Are Reborn"! More to come!!

Certainly a busy year writing and recording, releasing four new songs this summer!

May, 2021
As always working with Jim Prendergast is uplifting, and creatively inspiring!
We are very excited with the final mix of these new gospel songs, and their release soon!

April, 2021
Back in the studio this month with producer Jim Prendergast,
Recording four new original songs to be added to my 7th Album project! 
'Unconditional', Behind The Hand Of The Lord', 'No Matter The Trouble', and 'Come Shine Your Light Before Us Jesus'!

November, 2020
Meg is writing and recording songs for her 7th album of originals.
'No Matter The Trouble', 'Behind The Hand Of The Lord', and 'Come, Shine Your Light Before Us, Jesus', soon to be recorded and released!

November, 2020
Meg's latest song, 'As We Believe' released!

October, 2020
Back in the studio with producer Jim Prendergast,

January 15 -21, 2020
'TANGLED IN BLUE', # 34 on the Top 40 singles chart.
Meg listed @ 110 Top 200 Artists
International Mainstream Country Music Charts. 

January 14, 2020
'Tangled In Blue' in the top 200
International Mainstream Country Music Chart

November, 2019
A wonderful recording session with Jim Prendergast!
Three new original songs:
'Tangled In Blue'
'Why Couldn't You'
'Tomorrow And Today'

October 2019 Meg's song, 'The Rain Is Comin' Down', makes it onto the 
International  Mainstream Country Music Charts

January, 2019
' A LITTLE MORE TIME', makes it onto the top 40 on
the International Mainstream Country Music Charts!
January 2019
Meg is listed in the top 100
on the International Mainstream Country Music Charts!

October, 2018
Album 2018,
'A LITTLE MORE TIME'...Soon available for download and physical cds as well.

July, 2018
Meg releases three new original songs,

Album 2018 to be released in September!

June 2018
Two new original songs from Meg:

September, 2017
Recording sessions with Jim Prendergast, Mill Pond Music Studio,
Portsmouth, NH

June, 2017
Release of 'Heaven In Your Heart',
and ' Lay Down Easy'.

May, 2017
Meg's song, 'You're Like A Song', listed at #6
On European Country Charts
Meg listed in top 100.

January, 2017, Thank you Jacques Dufour,
aka ' Rockin'Boy' FM 90.2 Lyon, France,
for adding me to your playlist! Enjoyed the Show!

August, 2016 Meg listed in the top 200
on the European Country Chart.

October, 2016
Release of Three new originals with Producer
Jim prendergast, and Nashville's Glen Duncan!

February, 2015, Meg listed @ #86 on European Charts.

July, 2015
Mill Pond Music Studio.
Release of, 'Remember To Remember' 'Jim Prendergast
W/ Glen Duncan on fiddle.

'When You Walked Away, featuring Jim Prendergast,
and Robbie Kneeland on drums.

November, 2014
Meg's song,'DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE, recorded and released by
Enerj'Ane, on Robin's Records.
'ROCK SOLID ROMANCIN', co written with Colin McCaffrey,
also recorded and released by Enerj'Ane!

April, 2014
Meg's poem, 'TRANSPONDERS OF JOY', Published in
The Poets Touchtone',
by Poetry Society Of New Hampshire!

September, 2014
Meg's 5th Album,'RIGHT ON TIME', is released to critical acclaim.
Recorded in Vermont and New Hampshire with
Producer's Colin McCaffrey and Jim Prendergast