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©2022 Meg Devlin Irish 

Good morning Jesus, 
Thank you for this day 
I fell asleep in pieces 
but I’m OK 
When I walk with you Jesus   
wisdom comes to bear, 
And the power to begin again 
blesses children everywhere! 

Come teach us teacher, 
captured by your grace 
Nothing in this world’s imaginings 
could take away my faith. 

In you Lord, our universal soul 
With you Lord, a treasure greater than gold. 
Answering your call, your knock upon my door 
Oh, to Lay my (one’s) burden down at your feet Lord. 
Good morning Jesus,          
Good morning Lord. 

Good morning Jesus, 
I still stumble when I pray. 
You take me out of my mind Lord 
You’re the truth that lights the way. 
No mistakin it Jesus 
when wayshowers fill the air 
Peace surpasses understanding, 
blessing children everywhere! 

Come teach us teacher….

IN JESUS WE ARE REBORN   ©2022 Meg Devlin Irish 
In my weakness I am assured 
By pure grace my soul’s secure 
In strength that never weighs down, 
There’s oneness in the Lord 
Like the sea belongs with the sky 
So are we a spirit of wind 
Conceived from heaven to earth 
In love that will never end 
In Jesus we are reborn 
In supernatural joy 
Remember the birth of your soul 
And see like a child once more 
In Jesus we are reborn 
A gift for all to receive 
And blessed, blessed, blessed all who believe 
In Jesus, we are reborn. 

Temptations deny us the truth 
We fear, tremble and run 
There is nowhere left to hide 
The light of new life has begun 
So harden not your hearts 
we suffer our burdens no more 
the Lord who gave us his life 
is standing at the door 

In Jesus we are reborn….

©2022Meg Devlin Irish 

Hey child, where are you going 
Don’t you hear me child, you’re not alone? 

O, Yes Lord, I am awakening, 
but, still unworthy to be witnessing. 

You say “ Hey child, come follow me, 
where I will lead you on the path of peace. 
A peace this world can never give 
in pastures of plenty where you will one day live.”  mmm.. 

Lord, to you I pray. 
Down on my knees lord, if it’s your way. 
Holy moments for me last such a short while. 
You teach me to see again 
Through the eyes of a child. 
The power of your love, 
as in the crown of thorns you wore, 
in the company of Angels heaven sent 
Your amazing love I cannot comprehend. 

Who am I Lord, I slip and fall? 
It’s by your grace I’m forgiven all. 
In my weakness you are my strength 
There is no fear within this sacred place. 

You say, “ Yes child, come follow me 
I am the way of truth and every need.                        
In this world where hunger leaves you dry, 
I’ll quench your thirst and restore your sight. 

Lord, to you I pray….

©2021  Meg Devlin Irish

Come, shine your light before us Jesus 
Come, gentle Shepard,
call our name 
You hear our cries
when deep at night 
we lose our way,
we lose our way. 
We are your lambs,
even as we roam 
on mountainsides,
on stumbling stones. 
You raise us up
bright morning star, 
and in your mercy,
take us as we are. 

Chorus: Come, shine your light… 

You bring us grace,
we blind and lame, 
and all who thirst
come praise your name. 
Awakened souls
take spirits flight, 
raised up in one love
that never dies 

Chorus: Come, shine your light… 


You are the truth,
the way to life. 
You reach beyond
all track of time. 
The greatest gift Lord
to us you gave 
up on that cross,
you opened Heaven’s gate. 

Chorus: Come,
shine your light before us Jesus