From the recording Where Do I Begin

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YOUR AMAZING LOVE ©2022 Meg Devlin Irish

Hey child, where are you going
Don’t you hear me child, you’re not alone?
O, Yes Lord, I am awakening,
but, still unworthy to be witnessing.
You say “ Hey child, come follow me,
where I will lead you on the path of peace.
A peace this world can never give
in pastures of plenty where you will one day live.” mmm..

Lord, to you I pray.
Down on my knees lord, if it’s your way.
Holy moments for me last such a short while.
You teach me to see again
Through the eyes of a child.
The power of your love,
as in the crown of thorns you wore,
in the company of Angels heaven sent
Your amazing love I cannot comprehend.

Who am I Lord, I slip and fall?
It’s by your grace I’m forgiven all.
In my weakness you are my strength
There is no fear within this sacred place.
You say, “ Yes child, come follow me
I am the way of truth and every need.
In this world where hunger leaves you dry,
I’ll quench your thirst and restore your sight.”