From the recording Where Do I Begin

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GOOD MORNING JESUS ©2022 Meg Devlin Irish

Good morning Jesus, Thank you for this day
Fell asleep in pieces, but I’m OK
When I walk with you Jesus, (your) wisdom comes to bear,
And the power to begin again, is for children everywhere!

Come teach us teacher,
captured by your grace
Nothing in this world’s imaginings
could take away my faith.


In you Lord, our universal soul
With you Lord, a treasure greater than gold.
Answering your call, your knock upon my door
Oh, to Lay my (one’s) burden down at your feet Lord.
Good morning Jesus, Good morning Lord.

Good morning Jesus, I still stumble when I pray.
You take me out of my mind Lord, You’re the truth that lights the way.
No mistakin it Jesus, when wayshowers fill the air
Peace surpasses understanding, blessing children everywhere!

Bridge- Channel - Chorus