From the recording Where Do I Begin

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BEHIND THE HAND OF THE LORD ©2021 Meg Devlin Irish

How did I come to know your love
Humble myself and simply believe
Caught up in the flow
of earthly want and need
I turned from the only one
who could rescue me

So, what was I so afraid of
In facing the truth as it appeared
When your hand that calmed the seas
took my brokenness and tears
Captivating my resistance,
you blew away my every fear

Here I stand behind the hand of the Lord
In your overcoming presence
darkness reigns no more
Here I stand behind the hand of the Lord
Oh Righteous Prince of Peace
Harbor me on peaceful shores

What have I come to know about time
The changing element of my need
To live and die to self,
To get down on my knees
I finally learned to ask ,
and in asking I have received

Chorus: Here I stand….

Oh righteous Prince of Peace
Precious Prince of Peace
Heavenly Prince of Peace
harbor me on peaceful shores