From the recording Where Do I Begin

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That’s Jesus Christ ©2023 Meg Devlin Irish

In the beginning there was the word that brought life to flesh and blood
To believe in him who forgave our sins, this gift, God’s only Son
Well I was taught when I was young life can carry a heavy load
And in somethings we may have no choice, but for us Jesus bore it alone
When we have known the blessings of our Lord and Savior
We seek and find His presence in our souls
“Come abide, Come testify, love one another as I do.
That’s Jesus Christ in me, Jesus Christ in you.

Somethings missing, somethings wrong each time a soul is lost
In a world spinning promises that never live up to the cost
The story’s old but the truth is told, we are children of His light
Never meant to be living in the dark, but in the love of Jesus Christ