From the recording Where Do I Begin

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IN JESUS WE ARE REBORN ©2022 Meg Devlin Iris

In my weakness I am assured
By pure grace my soul’s secure
In strength that never weighs down
There’s oneness in the Lord
Like the sea belongs with the sky
So are we a spirit of wind
Conceived from heaven to earth
In love that will never end
In Jesus we are reborn
In supernatural joy
Remember the birth of your soul
And see like a child once more
In Jesus we are reborn
A gift for all to receive
And blessed, blessed, blessed all who believe
In Jesus, we are reborn.

Temptations deny us the truth
We fear, tremble and run
There is nowhere left to hide
The light of new life has begun
So harden not your hearts
we suffer our burdens no more
the Lord who gave us his life
is standing at the door