AS WE BELIEVE © 2020   Meg Devlin Irish 

It’s a narrow road today I walk 
To search my soul for what I’ve lost 
I can’t control all I have known 
Still the good Lord Jesus walks me home 

And I rejoice with friends of faith 
We find our voice in his saving grace 
When he consoles surely our love grows 
Oh, the good Lord Jesus walks us home. 

As we believe the day will come 
When we stand and face the rising of the Son 
And in his light there will be 
His promise made complete 
Oh, the day will come we believe 
Oh, the day will come 
As we believe. 

And the greatest gift in this world we believe 
As the love we give to each other in needs 
All the joy we can hold, we will righteously sow 
As the good Lord Jesus walks us home 
Oh, the good Lord Jesus walks us home

A Little More Time

Meg Devlin Irish

2018: Meg's sixth album of original songs produced, engineered by veteran Nashville producer and studio musician Jim Prendergast. Meet Jim and have a listen to his video interview @

Thank you for downloading and streaming my songs!

Produced, engineered and mastered: Jim Prendergast Meg: vocals Jim Prendergast: Acoustic, electric, slide guitars, mandolin, bass, drums. Nashville's legendary Glen Duncan: Banjo and Fiddle Album design: Rowan Bishop, bridge Street Design Photography: KeeneOnline

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Right On Time

Meg Devlin Irish

2014 Release: Awash in romance and spirituality, a folk-y, gentle, soulful country-ish style distinctly her own. Recorded and Produced by: Colin McCaffrey, The Green Room, East Montpelier, VT Jim Prendergast, Mill Pond Music Stiudio, Portsmouth, NH

“This Is Vermont, My Home”, now a YouTube video, was a finalist in the 1999 Vermont State song competition sponsored by the Vermont Council on the Arts.

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Just wanted to let you know I played ‘SLEEP TIGHT’ on today's Country Legends In The Making. It did FABULOUS for you. Lots of call in requests and the DJ’s are already asking about the song--so keep up the GREAT work!!

Dixie McCorkell CMA/CCMA/ECMA Triplestrand Productions, August, 2014

"Meg is a highly accomplished singer-songwriter who has fairly recently moved to New Hampshire from Vermont, where she recorded four CDs, received with multiple accolades. Check out her website, where you can listen to some of the wonderful music we've been making lately at MPM Studio. It's been lots of fun for me building her tracks by layering acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin and bass along with York, ME's king of quiet, subtle drums, Robbie Kneeland. It's folk-y, gentle, soulful country-ish style distinctly her own, and I'm very much looking forward to more of her music." Producer: Jim Prendergast, May 2014 MILL POND MUSIC STUDIO, Portsmouth, NH

"Meg, Just wanted you to know I played, 'DON'T KNOW WHEN,' on this week's Country Legends in the Making show. It went over HUGE for you! I think you touched a chord out there deep inside folks-we're getting non-stop requests for it lol!!"

Dixie McCorkell, CMA/CCMA/ECMA Triplestrand Productions, May 2014

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Deeper Shade of Blue

Meg Devlin Irish

The fourth Album from this Vermont Songwriter is a rhythmic, sensual blend of cleverly written songs.

2008 Meg's original recording of her song 'DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE' Recorded @ the Green Room, East Montpelier, Vt Producer/ musician: Colin McCaffrey Gordon Stone: pedal steel Nancy MacDowell: harmony Recorded by two European artists 2012 and 2014Meg’s fourth Album is a rhythmic, sensual blend of cleverly written songs.

There is a reminiscence of Patsy Cline in the title cut with a twist on the theme of who’s cheating who.

Meg’s depth and spirituality shine throughout, especially in ‘Guardian Angel’, ‘Deep Bay’, and ‘Take Me A-Sailing Home’.

With Meg’s featured ukulele on several songs, and pedal steel work from two of Vermont’s finest musicians, Jim Pitman and Gordon Stone, this is her second CD with multi-talented producer Colin McCaffrey.

" Irish blends country, folk and pop into a sound capturing the joys and the sadness that make music with an Appalachian flavor so rich. On familiar covers( including " You Are My Sunshine") and a batch of originals( such as the lively " Never Tasted Love" featuring the pedal-steel of Gordon Stone), Irish shines a light on her smooth vocals that occasionally introduce flashes of yodeling." Brent Hallenbeck, arts and entertainment writer, The Burlington Free Press

" With Martin acoustic in hand, she hits her stride on understated compositions such as the striking " Deep Bay." Here, the freckled muse quietly plucks her six string through a ballad that's sure to keep listeners rapt. Irish's evocotive imagery and motherly storytelling soothe like a cool cloth to the forehead." Jarrett Berman, Seven Days, Burlington, Vermont

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Rock Solid Romancin'

Meg Devlin Irish

Meg's third record, Rock Solid Romancin', is a collection of original songs that display her seasoned, strong vocals and emotive lyrics. A flavor of the hills with a touch of swing, calypso and rock-solid folk; this record is a gem from the north.


"Meg's latest release exemplifies her genuine singer-songwriting skills. Her rock-folk songs are driven by her powerful yet smooth vocals and accompanied by a well-crafted assortment of studio musicians. With the help of producer Colin James McCaffrey 'Rock Solid Romancin' demonstrates authentic rock-folk and supurb country songwriting."- Lewis Ryan Rapkin,

Solid production and arrangements frame these well crafted tunes, and Meg's smooth delivery is served over a delicious musical bed provided by Vermont's finest session musicians.

"Meg's 2005 release shows her completely maturing as a songwriter. The self-penned material moves confidently from the emotional depths of heartbreak and lament for a child at war to the joyful affirming love in the title track and "Feathers in My Pillow". It's all woven together with sweet folk-rock arrangements carried home by great musicians and, of course, Meg's voice." Stan Lyness, Musician, Songwriter.

Producer Colin James McCaffrey takes Meg's music to a new level with his own musical skills; fiddle, guitars, and harp to name just a few. Together they draw on the talents of guest artists: Patti Casey, harmony and flute, Jim Pitman; steel guitar, Nancy MacDowell; harmony, and Roy Cutler on drums.

Meg's song 'BEACON' can be heard onboard The Adirondack Ferry, (this Country's Oldest Ferry), on beautiful, historic Lake Champlain. This program airs daily and is presented by The Vermont Department Of Tourism.

Meg also joins with co-writers Stan Lyness, Ken Conrad, and Colin McCaffrey for this fine 10 song CD.

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